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We live in a changing world, promoting your child's social and emotional intelligence has never been more important. The Thoughtful Spot offers specialized services for children to strengthen the relational skills they need to navigate social situations in everyday life.  Our cutting edge approach is customized to meet the needs and goals of your child and family.

Let us architect your thoughtful spot, an environment built to empower your child's social and emotional growth for the future!


Just outside the hollow tree where Pooh lives is a log that is used for sitting. Beside the log is a sign that reads,"Thotful Spot.” Whenever there is a problem or a confusing question, or practically any occasion that requires a brain, he returns to the place he calls "The Thotful Spot" to think. He doesn’t always come up with the right answers. But he always comes away with an idea. And he always comes away happy.

What differentiates The Thoughtful Spot from other social skills approaches is that we are not clinic-based. We believe that friendship skills are something every child will benefit from learning!  Therefore, kids who struggle with these skills do not necessarily need the therapeutic treatment setting. Rather, they simply need coaching and mentoring to strengthen their skills, in the way a child who has difficulty with math or reading would require the same. 

Social skills are learned, practiced and reinforced using evidence-based curriculum.  Our purposeful approach to social and emotional development has assisted many children in gaining social confidence, finding social success, making real and lasting friendships and generalizing what they learn in other settings.


Making and keeping friends doesn’t always come easily, but social skills can be learned. It takes modeling, guided play, and practice. We can help!


For children who are experiencing challenging social situations on play dates, in school, or on the playground, social skills groups can be transformative. We provide a small and safe setting in which children feel supported in learning to interact successfully with their peers. Interactive instruction includes play, games, art, and role playing.


The Thoughtful Spot’s certified Social-Emotional Learning Specialist offers a variety of services to support children who may need more assistance than what their school can provide.  Services are contracted with the parent and schedules are arranged with the school’s educators to maximize a child’s learning potential.


Summer is the perfect time to maintain and build upon skills learned. New groups are formed in June for the 8-week summer session. Each group includes up to 6 students that meet for 75 minutes, once a week, under the supervision of a nationally certified social-emotional learning and character education specialist.

Need more information? Our Frequently Asked Questions page is a great place to start. Check it out!


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